Sunday, March 7, 2010

Goodbye "Ba-Ba"

Within weeks of moving to our home, Our Sweetie came home from church and asked if "Bubba" could come over (which Our Sweetie lovingly pronounced, "Ba-ba"). I didn't have a clue who he was possibly talking about - so for many weeks his request fell on sympathetic, yet non-responsive ears.

Finally I found this little guy. And Our Sweetie has been crazy about him since.

His mom is amazing, Our Big Guy loved his older brother, Diego and even Pretty Girl found a companion in their little Bella. We could really get comfortable with families like theirs in our neighborhood

Sadly, this lovely, darling family moved last week and Our Sweetie is dealing with the sudden consequences of not seeing his little friend in class or knowing he's just down the street for a play date. He's already working on cards to send him when we know their future address.

We'll miss you Dominic! (Bubba) & family....

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Nicole said...

Rachael I just saw this and it made my day! You're such a great lady and I'm glad our families got to know each other. I'll send you our address - Bubba would love a note from Andrew and if you are ever in the PHX area you can come visit!