Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bad News from Darien

Our sweet, old town was hit hard this past week with major storms and 70mph wind!!! The damage looks devastating. People are still without power.

Mansfield Ave. I drove this road several times a day. I can't say I wish we lived there right now. But I wish I could be there to help our neighbors and friends.

Good ol' I-95. I miss you least of all. Get a CARPOOL LANE!!!!

Our cute train station. So sad - we loved those trees!


leadatortilla said...

WHOA! Those are some impressive trees to be on the ground... so sad!

Britt said...

Wow! And that hit while my mom was out there babysitting! I'll have to ask her about it.

Erin said...

Wow. That looks horrible!

Steph said...

Where did you find those pictures? Can you send them to me? I wanted to at least document our experience. This storm was truly devastating to SO many people. We were one of the fortunate few who had power.