Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lovely Evenings

Sometimes they ALL prefer me. And I'm fine with that.

Monday, March 22, 2010

My Thoughts on the Health Care Bill

This past summer I completed the mammoth, yet compelling novel Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Up front, I'll admit the novel (1200 pages) has its faults, its "strawmen" examples, and its unrealistic adaptations to my own personal religion and family.


Here's the part I'll never forget.

"Our plan? We put into practice that noble historical precept: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. Everybody in the factory, from charwomen to president, received the same salary – the barest minimum necessary. Twice a year, we all gathered in a mass meeting, where every person presented his claim for what he believed to be his needs. We voted on every claim, and the will of the majority established every person’s need and every person’s ability. The income of the factory was distributed accordingly. Rewards were based on need, and penalties on ability. Those whose needs were voted to be the greatest, received the most. Those who had not produced as much as the vote said they could, were fined and had to pay the fines by working overtime without pay. That was our plan. It was based on the principle of selflessness. It required men to be motivated, not by personal gain, but by love for their brothers."

Dagny heard a cold, implacable voice saying somewhere within her: Remember it – remember it well – it is not often that one can see pure evil – look at it – remember – and some day you’ll find the words to name its essence.

-Atlas Shrugged, pg. 323 –

This is how I feel about the Health Care bill. Because that is where this bill is pointed.

Don Watkins in his excellent article in Investors Business Daily in December of last year summarized it up even better.

The reason we continue to move toward socialized medicine is that everyone--including the opponents of socialized medicine--grants its basic moral premise: that need generates an entitlement.

That...and the fact we'll never be able to afford it. Ever.

PS - I've stated this before, but I LOVE Dagny Taggert. I adore her. If I planned on ever having more children I would seriously consider naming offspring after her. Of course I'd have to get around the whole "affair" problems - but regardless - love her!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

LRRH Progress Log #2

2 Months, 13 Days...

Selected work-out song for Log #2 - Lifehouse, Halfway Gone

For the past few Mondays, I've been taking a free Road Bike Maintenance class at REI - because I'm not breaking down on the road somewhere in this race between mile 17 and 73 in the middle of nowhere and NOT know what to do.

The class was taught by this darling, older pair who road bike A LOT. They seemed like retired hippie types who were just fanatical about recycling. At one point during the tire demonstration the man actually pointed out that if you happen to have the type of tube with a small twist nut at the intake valve, you can take it home and recycle it since you can't use it again.

All I could think about was if I am seriously down off my bike trying to change a tire in the middle of a road with dirt and mud, the last thing I'll be thinking about is recycling.

I'm just saying...

But as I walked into REI last Monday, with my bike in tow, I was reminded how much I love my bike. Seriously, she's like my 4th baby - it's just her and me for miles and miles and she's got to carry my 100+ pounds all by herself. No easy job.

And the fact I call it a "she" - makes me laugh. Ever since I've owned a bike (age 4), I think my bikes have all been a "she". I don't know why. They just are.

PS - The "No Sugar" plan didn't really get off on a great start. To be honest, it hasn't started at all. The day I planned to begin, our Girl Scout cookies order arrived. And there was no way I could possibly pass up 1x a year Lemon Cremes. So we're back to square one.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bad News from Darien

Our sweet, old town was hit hard this past week with major storms and 70mph wind!!! The damage looks devastating. People are still without power.

Mansfield Ave. I drove this road several times a day. I can't say I wish we lived there right now. But I wish I could be there to help our neighbors and friends.

Good ol' I-95. I miss you least of all. Get a CARPOOL LANE!!!!

Our cute train station. So sad - we loved those trees!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Our Evening with Brian Regan

He was AMAZING!!! I don't think I stopped laughing or smiling the whole night.

About 95% of his stuff was material I've never heard before - it was hilarious! My cheek & jaw muscles are actually sore this morning.

It was also great to be there with close friends & family who love Mr. Regan just about as much as we do :) Dinner was lovely, conversation was perfect and the concert was everything I had waited for. And believe me - I had waited, counting down the days on my calendar... Could not have asked for a better night.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Goodbye "Ba-Ba"

Within weeks of moving to our home, Our Sweetie came home from church and asked if "Bubba" could come over (which Our Sweetie lovingly pronounced, "Ba-ba"). I didn't have a clue who he was possibly talking about - so for many weeks his request fell on sympathetic, yet non-responsive ears.

Finally I found this little guy. And Our Sweetie has been crazy about him since.

His mom is amazing, Our Big Guy loved his older brother, Diego and even Pretty Girl found a companion in their little Bella. We could really get comfortable with families like theirs in our neighborhood

Sadly, this lovely, darling family moved last week and Our Sweetie is dealing with the sudden consequences of not seeing his little friend in class or knowing he's just down the street for a play date. He's already working on cards to send him when we know their future address.

We'll miss you Dominic! (Bubba) & family....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

LRRH Progress Log #1

3 Months, 3 Days...

Selected work-out song for Log #1 - KT Tunstall, Suddenly I See

Training for this race has started to consume a great deal of my time. So I'm going to be posting small milestones (Progress Logs) every once in awhile.

Since the beginning of February, the new spinning class has been good. But I need more bike time, and I'm absolutely loathe to give up my swimming routine. So starting last week, I cut one of my rest days. Here's my new schedule.

Monday - swimming/weights
Tuesday - spinning
Wednesday - swimming
Thursday - swimming
Friday - spinning (or actual road biking as the weather gets warm)
Saturday - swimming
Sunday - rest

It's still not enough bike time. If only for the sake of my rear end - I need more than 2 hours a week in the saddle - so to speak. But it's still too cold to bike outside. Even though my whole body feels this ache to just go every afternoon.

The time for my workouts is relatively problem-free, except those mornings when Greg goes to the temple with the Deacons. That throws me off. I also GREATLY DISLIKE taking my kids to the gym with me - and it's mostly Pretty Girl. I have a whole slew of issues with that - maybe I'll get into that later. Nothing to do with my gym - it's the principle.

So it's been the 5:00 am hour when my workouts begin. This is nothing new - I've been at this since last June. And I find I very much prefer this time. By 8:00, I have showered, dressed, read scriptures by myself and with the kids, made beds and cleaned the kitchen. I love routine. I thrive on this.

On a side note - Greg bought me my clipless shoes and peddles (egg beaters) two months ago. I've been practicing occasionally in my family room - feel like a complete idiot. I need to start telling myself that a fall outside is inevitable.

Just get over it Rae.

SIDE LINE GOAL - Go off sugar until June 5th. This means giving up my #2 weakness - Apple Beer.

It's only for 3 months, it's only for 3 months, it's only for 3 months....