Wednesday, February 10, 2010

For Spencer's Trouble

Ah...Valentines Day. It was Valentines weekend 8 years ago when my little brother came home from his third (yes, 3rd!!) date with a young girl none of us had yet met and announced,

"We're getting married!"

It didn't go over well.

You see, Spencer's track record wasn't so great. And this was the icing on the cake. It wasn't so much Brit herself as it was...Spencer.

Spencer's dating years were rough. He always seemed to find himself liking the girl more than she liked him. And sadly, it happened a few times. Lots of trouble.

It became such a repetitive cycle that hearing Dixie Chicks, Trouble still reminds me of Spencer. And yes, sweet brother, my kids all call this the "Uncle Spencer" song. And we love singing and dancing along.

Remember, we love you.

This song fits Spencer like a glove.

So my point - we're really glad Brit came along 8 years ago, stepped up to the plate, stopped the "trouble" cycle...

Congrats to 8 years!!


Britt said...

Hahaha! You should've heard what Joan said when Spencer told her! Glad I stopped his "trouble cycle". And we really do love you too.

Erin said...

Oh wow! I remember those times. That was a wild ride for a few months there. I too am glad Britt straightened Spencer up. Funny that you would post this. :)

leadatortilla said...

I hadn't heard that story! congrats to brit and spencer!

Britt said...

This is Spencer- wow- it's been years since I heard that song- but there never was anyone better than Britt! I love you babe! Yes Rachael (and Greg) I love you too.