Friday, January 15, 2010

The Problem with Pretty Girl

You know when you drop your toddlers/babies off with someone for a few hours - you inevitably hand off the diaper bag. Just in case a few "accidents" happen while you're away.

You know what "accidents" I'm talking about.

That's the beautiful part (the only beautiful part) of our situation with Pretty Girl. We don't have to leave a diaper bag with anyone. Because we know she will never have those kinds of "accidents".

The only time Pretty Girl decides she's finally held out long enough to have an "accident", it comes while she's asleep....or in the tub....or screaming bloody murder in my arms.

Yes, we've tried about everything.

Yes, we have a BIG bottle of MiraLAX in our home (I can only imagine what guests are thinking...).

Yes, I'm actually blogging about this.

It turns out the old parental sayings are very true. You can make your kids do just about anything except eat, sleep and have "accidents". I'm in serious trouble. Potty training season is 5 months away....


Alison said...

Ooh, you have to be careful! That's how most of our problems started with Lucy. She wound up with all sorts of problems including kidney damage. (BTW, Miralax is my best friend.)

kj said...

Ohh no. Good luck.

Britt said...

At least you know she won't poop in her underwear very much. :) We're potty training Lucy on Tuesday!

Amber said...

Aiden has been really weird with poop also! He was a big pooper in the tub for the longest time. Good luck and if you find anything that works let me know. She is so cute.

Hillary said...

Did you try her on the chocolate Ex-Lax for a few days followed up with a tablespoon of MiraLax everyday? That was the miracle mixture for us and now a year and a half later Emma is all better. I haven't used Miralax since we moved. The doc told me that it can take just as long to "fix" the problem as it took for the problem to start. One other tip-if they are too hard and big to get out-if it's really hurting her (sorry if that's too much info) try sitting her on the potty-for some reason this made it a lot easier for Emma to get them out-I sat her on it and then she leaned forward into me (mainly because she was screaming and wanted to be held) and it came out faster.

Good luck! I feel your pain, it is miserable to watch them go through!!!!

Staci said...

You have all my sympathies.