Monday, December 21, 2009

Warm, Sunny San Diego

Ahhh...San Diego.

Land of sunshine, whales, seals, crazy nut-case environmental people who yelled at Greg, horrible horrible horrible downtown Los Angeles traffic, Carlton and Robyn!, 1st McKinnon grandchild wedding, beaches, Trader Joe's, and Ralphs.

(We love Ralphs. You have to understand - we have a special spot in our hearts for Ralphs).

Sad to leave...


Hillary said...

what a fun trip!!! Looks nice and warm too-jealous!

Britt said...

I sure miss the warm weather. I don't understand why you love Ralph's so much. Other than it being the closest grocery store to the house I found it a little pricey and too much like Smiths.

Love the pics, especially James' gigantic whale!

Jen T said...

Love San Diego! Cute pictures! How awesome to get go to a wedding at that temple! It is amazing! Have a Merry Christmas!