Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Power of BYU Football in 30 Seconds

Okay, yes, they lost against FSU, and there are definitely some weak spots...but Dang! Listen to the music! Look at the dramatic entrance!

Where can I get this song for my swim workout??

If Baucus came out with a clip like this in favor of his health care bill...I might just consider thinking about not blogging against it. Maybe.


Britt said...

So um . . . not to um . . . rain on the parade . . . but where were the "traditional" interceptions thrown by Max Hall? The blown coverages by their honor filled defense? The missed tackles and oh yes, missed opportunities during the FSU, TCU, Utah, Arizona State, etc. etc. etc? BYU . . . the qwest for perfection "off the field of course" continues.
Your humble Ute fan and brother in the gospel- Spencer

Britt said...

One more comment- Rachael- seriously if all it takes is cheesy music and pictures of smoke with a bunch of football players to possible change your mind on health care- we've got SERIOUS issues! I'm kidding and you know I am- I love you.

Your Ute fan of a brother.

Rachael said...

Spencer - it would have to be a really good clip :)