Sunday, September 20, 2009

It Was A Game NOT Worth Remembering

We had coveted seats to the long anticipated FSU vs BYU game.

We had a babysitter.

We had an amazing tail-gate party.

And now...we'd rather just forget the whole fiasco ever took place

But in the words of Greg, "At least Utah lost."


leadatortilla said...

Here Here! Or is it HEAR HEAR? Whatever. A date, is still a date.

Britt said...

My feeling on the BCS can be summed up by the following- delete the C and put the two letters together! Even though I can't stand BYU and I'm sad that Utah lost- it ticks me off that Oklahoma is back in the top 10 and I guarantee they will have an opportunity to play for the National Championship- but BYU and Utah are locked out.

Hillary said...

Yeah, that was a pretty sad game! :) We felt the same way about our UTES...and I must admit, I have said (almost) the same thing as Greg, "At least the Cougs lost!" Here's hoping for a better game next week!

Britt said...

This is the REAL Britt. If Utah had to lose, at least BYU lost and I can face those BYU fans in the neighborhood.

In all reality, I am sad they lost. I was hoping another team could "stick it to the BCS." Just tragic.

Carleton & Robyn said...

We both had such high hopes and were so sad to see our cougs lose!! Bummer!