Tuesday, July 21, 2009

SuperFriends Reunion

10 years ago I sat down in Relief Society next to this beautiful girl with fabulous curly hair. I wanted to get to know her. Lucky me - she turned out to be my visiting teacher. Not only that - she was really friendly and outgoing (most girls with naturally curly hair are just awesome regardless). After much talk, we thought our husbands should meet.

Lucky us - our husbands turned out to be home teaching companions.

And they connected like glue.

But graduation was around the corner, and sadly, the natural curly-haired girl and her sticky husband moved. Fortunately, it wasn't too far - just 2-towns over. The night we helped them move - we met the psycho-analyzing cousin who was engaged to the politic-crazed woman. We grew to love them both.

Several months later, along came the best friend and his marathon-running wife.

And it clicked...the SuperFriends group was formed!

We're still not exactly sure why they continue to hang out with us. I credit Greg mostly.

And we're definitely a weird bunch. For example, we already have a contingency/utopia plan in place should we all end up on a deserted island - complete with jobs for each child.

And we do believe someday all our husbands will start an amazing sucessful company together...or local university.

But we love our SuperFriends group!! Some of us have moved away, some of us have moved back. So on those rare weeks in summer and at Christmas when we're all in the same town, I love the moments we get together.


leadatortilla said...

I'm all teary eyed! sniff, sniff.... sigh. I'm grateful that miles between our homes don't matter!

Britt said...

Super friends are super! And your boys look super cool doing surf board moves and holding bowling pins. That is exactly how I would pose for a picture while in my swimsuit too.