Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break and Easter 2009

Welcome to our crazy Spring Break/Easter weekend of 2009!

The "Big Things We Saw" List -

#1 - Brigham City (and Maddox!!!)
#2 - BYU Museum, lunch and fountains with cousins
#3 - Easter Egg hunts
#4 - MacKinnon family dinner on Sunday at our house
#5 - Wheeler Farm with friends

The "What My Kids Remembered" List -

#1 - A LONG car ride to some city with graveyards ("Mom!! This is taking too long!!")
#2 - If Lucy can drink the fountain water, then I can get some to!
#3 - Sheep will eat about anything - including my little sister.
#4 - If I get up before mom & dad, I can definitely raid my easter basket early.
#5 - Cousins never stay long enough and bedtime came too fast.

The "What I'll Remember" List -

#1 - Feeling a wonderful connection between my ancestors and my children.
#2 - Sleeping bag blow-out/movie night with Pretty Girl jumping on my tummy.
#3 - The excellent browsing moment in the "book clearance" area with Brit.
#4 - Getting to know new friends in our ward.
#5 - Big family dinners are much more fun with plastic plates and cups (plus increasing my carbon footprint) - really a win/win situation.


Erin said...

Glad you guys were able to accomplish so much. Sorry I couldn't make it to the museum. Looks like you had fun. The last picture of Lizzie is darling.

rachel said...

i havent looked at your blog in a while and your little girl has gotton SO big and SO dang cute! Sounds like a very fun filled Easter!

Natalie said...

What a fun week! I'm all about increasing the carbon footprint. :)