Tuesday, March 17, 2009

An Occasional Dose of Simpsons

Before I present this, let me make a note here. There was a time I was quite fanatical about The Simpsons.

And then I had children.

It's amazing how many bad things suddenly become terribly obvious when you have your 5 or 3 yr old watching with you. So we don't watch The Simpsons much anymore at our house.

But there are still those classic moments. Clips like the following that just work on SO many levels.

(like this is EXACTLY how my kids act when I'm trying to take a shower)


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Alison said...

Yeah, we don't watch it for the very same reason, however some of the quotes linger on. Our favorite:
Homer to Marge at the Chili Cookoff/Craft fair-
"Less artsy, more fartsy!"
Sadly, that gets used a lot around here.