Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Holidays and Prayers

We've been discussing holidays a lot lately - where they fall, celebrations, which birthday comes next, etc.

Last night Greg asked Our Sweetie to give our family prayer before bedtime. Here's the part where Greg and I lost it.... (remember, he's only 3)

Bless our family, bless the snow, have a happy Halloween, Merry Christmas and Happy Easter Eggs.

We managed to get to the end of the prayer. After which Older Brother gave Our Sweetie a stern scolding about how you don't say that stuff in your prayers. Greg and I gave him lots of hugs and tickled him non-stop.


Britt said...

LOL! At least he's thankful for all the seasons! My kid prays for the wii. :(

Jen T said...

Love this Rachael! So cute! My kids are thankful for steel, concrete, wood. . . never a dull moment!

Alison said...

That sounds an awful lot like the prayers coming out of our house.

Erin said...

Cute little Andrew.

kj said...

That's the best. In fact, maybe I'll have to pirate it for my next prayer. It's all good stuff!