Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Halloween Learning Points

This year I learned a few new pointers to help get me through Halloween next year.

Lesson Point #1 - Whatever costume My Big Guy decides to wear, My Sweetie will follow.

Lesson Point #2 - Adhesive teeth in any form DO NOT work and you cant talk, eat or really breathe with them in.

Lesson Point #3 - Strong arms and a signigficant knife are often needed for those bigger pumpkins.

Lesson Point #4 - Just because you are cousins, doesn't mean you dont envy each other's costume.

Lesson Point #5 - Eating doughnuts from a string is harder than it looks

Lesson Point #6 - We have big shoes to fill next year when we host the annual adult Halloween party.

Lesson Point #7 - Good things are coming soon! :)


Britt said...

That picture of the girls is so cute. It totally looks like they're checking each other out.

BTW-my brother got Spencer into sushi. He also really likes the Bombay House. Just glad he choose that over pizza this year!

Amber said...

Isn't Halloween so much fun. It always reminds me of our fun days at

Kellogg said...

Your kids are adorable! How are you liking UT? My Mom ran into your Mother in law a few weeks back out in Vermont or something. Small world.

Natalie said...

Cute post! Looks like you had such a fun Halloween. LOVED #7. You're awesome. Do you have your movie ticket yet? :)

Jessica Brown said...

I kind of want to be a nerd, and dress up for the midnight showing, not because I'm obsessed, just because I think it would be fun. Those girls look darling. And is that your backyard in the pumpkin carving picture? What trail is that. IT looks nice.