Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Human Magnet

I've been sick.

So sick that a few nights ago after dinner I asked Greg if he would mind cleaning up and helping with the kids so I could go fall into my bed. He agreed.

I miss my bed. It's somewhere in a storage center between here and Salt Lake. It's boxed away with my sheets, my pillows, my blankets, my pots and pans, my KitchenAid mixer....


I was within 30 seconds of sleep when two little hands appeared over the edge of my vision, followed by the pink cheeks of Pretty Girl. She gives me one of her 4-teeth grins and immediately starts to cry when she realizes I'm up in bed and she's not with me.

Fine. So I pull her up, quick kiss and put her on Greg's side and try to go back to sleep.

Not so.

Our Big Guy comes in 20 seconds later and tells me he's ready to wash my bedroom windows. Not any of the other dozen windows in the house. He wants the windows in my bedroom. He's armed with my water spray bottle I use for ironing and the squigee from the shower.

He's so willing and excited and anxious to please. How can I say no?

So I've got Big Guy cleaning the windows with the bright setting sunlight blazing through, Pretty Girl is drooling up a storm and keeps slaming her head into my face or my neck without warning, and then Sweetie makes his entrance. He wants to snuggle with mom and complain that he wants a turn to wash the windows.

Greg!! Greg - I need some help please!

He comes in casual, looks over the situation and seeing nothing out of the ordinary replies, "They just wanted to be with you."

Sounds very wonderful now. At the time it wasn't so cute.


Erin said...

Men! They just don't get it. :)

Esther said...

I can see how you didn't get the rest you need but yes, it does sound very cute now. Your kids are so adorable.

Britt said...

I know the feeling! I hope you feel better!

Galo Fab 5 said...

Sounds too familiar. I can't get over your children's HUGE brown eyes. Beautiful!

Darleen said...

I hope you are feeling better. And Happy Birthday!! It's so sweet yet annoying how children love to be with their mommy. I guess moms just do it right. Get better!

kj said...

Try a closet. Kids never think to look there for Mom...Did I just say too much? Love the picture of your kids at the bottom of this post. So so so cute!

julie said...

That just made me laugh. Because that is something that happens in our house and it DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!

I think children are born with special mom magnets. You can never be too far, or too busy, or the magnets activate and they are drawn to you. unless of course you are in Target, and then they don;t work. :)