Tuesday, October 7, 2008

blah blah blah...

Greg here… (for some reason Rachael insists I begin with that)

Ok, so more of my political ramblings. I was driving around the Avenue’s area of SLC the other day looking at houses (no, we’re not really looking to buy there – at least not now) and I saw a bazillion Obama yard signs. I thought to myself “how in the world do these people manage to dress themselves in the morning, let alone make enough money to afford a house like that?” I can only assume it is their idiot misguided kid that put up the yard sign, but still, shouldn’t the parents demonstrate more discipline?

Then again, when I see McCain bumper stickers I think to myself “how in the world can you support a complete faux-conservative buffoon like McCain?” Granted, there is Palin, but her debate kept a new episode of The Office from being shown that week. Palin, you almost had me. Almost.

Now, when I see the rare Ron Paul bumper sticker affixed to a “car” (if you’ve seen Ron Paul supporter’s cars you’ll know why I used the quotes), I smile and think “fight the good fight, buddy, fight the good fight.” There is a special place in heaven for Ron Paul supporters.

Anyhoo, the point of my rambling is this:


Erin said...

Well, Greg you made me laugh. Nice post.

Britt said...

I don't even bother with the presidential debates anymore. It's like listening to my neighbors awful garage band combined with spongebob squarepants, only more annunciated. It hurts my brain.

Hillary said...

I felt the same way about Palin until I realized there wasn't going to be a new "Office" on last week...I was bummed! After watching last night's debate I'm thinking of moving to a different country, I'm not sure either of these guys are the right ones for the job!

McKay Missy and Boys said...

Sorry Greg, I'm not going to comment on your post but on past posts. I'm happy to hear that you guys are settled in your parents home. It must be so nice being back in Utah.

Rachael, I too HATE!!! potty training. In know that you didn't put it that way, but I will.

I love the confussion with the scriptures and Breaking Dawn. I wanted to reread the entire series before starting the 4th book. McKay didn't understand the need to reread the first three and threatened to hide Breaking Dawn. I hid it from him so he couldn't hide it from me and am now more than half way done with it. I don't know what I'm going to read when I'm done.

Chad and Sara said...

Agree! You are hilarious and I was bummed that they had a debate on a thursday during The Office. What were they thinking? Will this stuff ever end already!!