Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Running Free in New Hampshire

The New Hampshire state motto is Live Free or Die - adapted from Patrick Henry's famous speech in 1775. We love this phrase - and we love New Hampshire.

We spent our weekend visiting Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site. Augustus Saint Gaudens was one of America's most premier sculptors in the late 1800s. If you've ever looked at a one cent piece or a 10 or 20 dollar gold piece - you've seen his stuff. His works read like a Who's Who of the Gilded Age.

And he's just right up my Humanities crazed alley. I'm a fan of his Civil War pieces.

His Abraham Lincoln stuff is amazing. I haven't seen such detail since looking at drawings by my talented cousin Graham.

I think he had Greg in mind when he designed The Puritan.

Along the way, Sweetie made friends with a local frog, we splurged on a bag of Wild Maine Blueberries covered in milk chocolate, and spent a lot of time goofing off.


Galo Fab 5 said...

Looks like a lot to leave behind. I'm curious as to why there are no posts about politics lately? I have been checking your blog to see what your thoughts are. But then when I look at your current posts, I realize you are doing much more important and fun things!! Can't wait to see you back in Utah!

Annie said...

So jealous! Looks like a fabulous state!