Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Duck, Duck, Duck...Goose!

Our Sweetie always has an interesting take on games.

"Mommy, want to play Duck, Duck?"


"Okay. You sit down."

He taps me on the head and shouts, "Duck!" and then he runs around our whole 2nd floor laughing his head off. He comes back, taps me again and shouts.


And then he's off again.

This goes on for 10 minutes. My rear end is starting to get sore.

"Um...honey? Are we ever going to get past the duck?"

No answer. Just another zoom through the room.


Does he even know there's a goose in this game?


Britt said...

That's too funny! Next time he asks, you should get a book to read. :)


Ha! Too funny, and you told it perfectly.