Thursday, August 21, 2008

Two National Parks in Two Weeks

School starts soon. So we have been pushing to see those last minute places on our list before we lose my Big Guy and life becomes very scheduled.

Our first was the Weir Farm National Historic Site. Weir was a member of the prestigious "10" American impressionist artists at the turn of the century. I was never a fan of his work. HUGE fan of Frank Benson of the same group. But Weir...meh. That was until I learned Mahonri Young married Weir's daughter and subsequently lived on the farm for most of his life.

That sealed it for us!

This apple tree was great - right outside the studio. I could imagine Young, Weir or perhaps even Benson himself helping themselves to one or eating the results in a delicious pie.

Second on our list was the Putnman Memorial State Park - where General Putnam during the Revolutionary War held winter quarters for his men. I don't mean to inflate the bar with this comment, but the park was probably one of the coolest things we've been to since we moved here. SO AMAZING!!

There were over 116 cabins at the time of the winter break (you can still see the remains of 97 of them). Conditions deterioriated to the point of outright mutiny - apparently not as bad as Valley Forge, but pretty close. When he heard what was happening, General Putnam charged on his horse in front of his men and declared...

Whose cause have you been fighting and suffering so long in - is it not your own? Have you no property, no parents, wives, or children? You have behaved like men so far - all the world is full of your praises - and posterity will stand astonished at your deeds, but not if you spoil all at last. Don't you consider how much the country is distressed by the war, and that your officers have not been any better paid than youselves? But we all expect better times, and that the country will do us ample justice. Let us all stand by one another, then, and fight it out like brave soldiers. Think what a shame it would be for Connecticut men to run away from their officiers.

We are FULL of your praises. My two little boys running amongst the remains of your hardships - a small drop of the millions who now live free because of what was sacrificed here. Loved this place.



Rachael, I loved running into your blog. You are a great writer and take fab pictures. I love your sense of adventure. Thanks for letting us ALL know about the truck day at the library. That was so fun. Keep informing . . .

KMDuff said...

Looks like fun! I love nat'l parks!

Esther said...

That's so great that you've been able to expose your kids to so much culture already. I'm jealous. :) They look like they are all having such a fun time.