Monday, August 11, 2008

Stratford and Southbury

Saturday was Stratford

I have serious issues over how this museum calls itself national. It was free, cute and the older docent was just desperate to tell us his vast knowledge of helicopters - but there was nothing national about it.

We also saw the Booth Memorial Park and Museum - an eclectic old estate on the Housantonic River with bizarre objects that were there because...we couldn't imagine why.

Sunday we hit Southbury for Southford Falls. We've been here before - a quick 40 minute drive from home. Lovely park with a beautiful falls cascading down the pathway towards a covered bridge.

This time we met the Davis family and chowed down on some authentic peach tart, salad that was made suddenly and peanut butter and honey sandwiches.

Unfortunately we made a few wrong turns and our small hike ended up being almost 2 hours. We were quite the messy, sweaty group when we got home.


Britt said...

You guys get to do so much out there! I'm still jealous. :) Congrats on the decade marker. We'll be there soon enough.

Amber said...

Salad that was made suddenly, ha! I think Andrew has your smile.

Annie said...

how fun to meet up with Kelly and her fam!

Esther said...

Oh I love it, three kids all lined up in the bathtub :)