Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blackberries in Vermont

These berries grow wild in the upper green hills of Sharon, Vermont. But the plants stick to you with sharp thorns - which explains why we only got a small bag full.

You need to hike a good mile from the Joseph Smith Memorial to get there. Or if you happen to know the right people (wink, wink), you can get there in John Deer style.

Greg is not a fan of berries - of any kind - esp in dessert. But he was a good sport and helped us pick some anyway.

Mom took such good care of us. When we got there late Friday night she had made huge rounds of fresh bread, rice pudding and this amazing chowder. The kids loved the chocolate milk and the subsequent blackberry tarts.

We love being up there with Mom and Dad. Life is slow, relaxed and peaceful.


McKay Missy and Boys said...

I've only been to the east coast once before but would love to go back again. Hopefully in a year or so Mckay and I can come see you guys. (The blackberries look so plump and yummy.)

KMDuff said...

Mmmmmmmm.....I love blackberries....tasty!

Jessica Brown said...

Hey those blackberries look so huge! Yum. I love black berries. And nice that you didn't have to walk the mile.

Britt said...

Those berries look great! Greg deserves something nice for being such a good sport. I'm glad you got to visit your in-laws and Lizzy is getting so big!

Esther said...

My parents have a plethora of the same berries in their backyard. I remember picking them for ice cream and to eat fresh. Oh, to have a yard that grows such variety ... I remember artichoke, plums, peaches, carrots, lemons, cherries, and some other more exotic stuff.