Monday, June 9, 2008

My Big Guy Turns 5!

We held My Big Guy's birthday party last Saturday. It coincided with a massive heat wave that hit the tri-state area the same morning (i.e. Global Warming Scare!!, Global Warming Scare!! - because we all know weather NEVER gives us surprises).

But as you can see, the heat did nothing to dampen the spirits of my Big Guy. If you've ever met him - you'll understand when I say he's full of personality and opinions. I keep a word doc of my favorite Big Guy quotes so I can keep laughing. The best quote this month -

Greg: "If you kiss a girl frog she will turn into a princess and then you can marry her."

Big Guy: "I'm not marrying a frog!"

10 kids, 2 pools, lunch for all, clean up and presents - Greg and I were exhausted!


Jessica Brown said...

That looks like a fun little party! Happy Birthday James! I love the James comments too! Hillarious.

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Staci said...

Dang, I wish we could be there. Your house looks soooo nice. And that looks really fun. Five seems so old, doesn't it?
Ironically, we have been having a colossal non-heatwave. It's barely warm enough to go swimming in a heated pool on most days. Weird huh? Must be global warming.

Erin said...

Looks like fun! Thanks for posting pics. That first picture is classic James. Wish we could have been there. Next step, kindergarten! AHH!! Also, Ethan LOVES dinosaurs too. Have you ever looked into the Imaginex ones?

Amber said...

Happy Birthday James! I can't believe he is 5 already. I am waiting for global warming to kick in here in Utah because it is supposed to snowing in the mountains tomorrow!!

Chad and Sara said...

Unfortunately its really cold here in Utah so I am very jealous. I can't wait to go swimming and lay out. I can't believe James is %, time flies. Looks like it was a great b-day and party.

Brooke said...

I love how absolutely excited he looks in all of those pictures. Way to go super-parents. It seems like throwing a true birthday party is one of those real rites of passage.