Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's The Little Things...

After many exhausting weeks of lifting boxes, putting beds together, sorting, cleaning - you get the idea - we are officially in our new home. One of the nice advantages of changing homes is discovering the little things that make it a place you love.

Here's my list of the 'little things' that make me happy.

#1 - Every morning I wake up to this outside my window. Wow! Reminds me of my darling Grandma (she loved Dogwood trees).

Here's an even better picture of it.

#2 - SPACE!! I have SPACE for my books. Hello dear Preston & Child! Louisa May, Llewellyn, Ms. Byatt and beloved Homer - how I've missed you.

#3 - See this? It's a hallway closet. Yep - a whole entire closet devoted to those many little coats, hats, gloves, scarfs and even...my vaccum cleaner. Sigh! We've never had one before and it's lovely!

#4 - In my kitchen I have a BUILT IN garbage can AND AND AND a 2ND BUILT IN garbage can (or recycle bin - whichever you prefer). Luxury!

#5 - This tile may be hideously ugly - but it's the tile for my very own, never have had since kids...master bathroom!!...moment of silence...The downside is...well...take a look at the tile. But it's our own! Our very own!!

#6 - We have pets. I didn't know this house came with rabits, hunderds of chipmunks and...my very own groundhog! Can you believe it? No more waiting on Puxatony Phil - we'll just look out our backyard window.

We call him Rocky. He makes an apperance almost every evening. He eats my weeds (yes!), looks cute and likes to burrow in the hole in our backyard.

#7 - Just look at this countertop. Not a single groove for flour to moulder away and turn to bleh. My bread making days are here again!

#8 - My amazing husband. Isn't he fabulous!? He put ALL our beds together. Lifted all the heavy boxes and most of the medium ones. He fixes shower spouts, curtains, blinds, fences, railings, dishwashers, tables, pictures, kids playsets, - the list is endless. I'm SO blessed to be married to this man. And I'm even more lucky that he can fix anything with his drill and tools.


Kelly said...

Well, I can certainly vouch for the house. It's beautiful. You didn't mention the train whistle though...I guess you're not grateful for that? You guys scored. My favorite part of the house is the back yard, but that basement is awesome, too. And a family room and a living room? But the hall closet, that is nice. Right now our gloves/scarves/hat are all cramed into one tiny basket in a bench in the entry way, our what we pretend is an entry way.

Steph said...

I love your house and your yard!I needed a little reminder about all the little things I'm thankful for. Thanks!

Kristen and Shawn said...

how exciting! Moving into something you like better is great.

Jessica Brown said...

Wow look at that wood floor. Its beautiful. Thats what I'm excited about. And I love dogwood trees too. I'm glad you like your new house, and that you have your own master bathroom. Now that is exciting!

Brooke said...

Luxury! Rachael, that is SO exciting. Looks beautiful. Ready to be filled with fun memories!

Erin said...

Love the house. It sounds so nice. The groundhog is darling. Glad you got all moved in. Post more pictures when you can. And I've been meaning to ask you how James' birthday was?

Chad and Sara said...

Where's the pic of the front of you house? The tile has character and I love that you have a friend named Rocky. Have you seen Indiana Jones yet cause Rocky's cousins are in it alot. I am glad to hear you like your new place and go Greg for putting it all together.

leadatortilla said...

I love the fact that I know where you are and I've "met" all these little joys of your life! I'm sorry we missed meeting Rocky - that would have been fun too! We truly had a great time in your home - thanks for having us! I'm really anxious to get you guys out here. Come on Summer!

McKay Missy and Boys said...

I haven't checked out your blog for a while. It's so fun to read and catch up on with what's been happenig with your family. I especially enjoyed reading your views on the "Twilight" series. It made me laugh.

I've only been to the East Coast once but I totally agree with you on how beautiful it is. I visited my sister in NU in the Fall of '06 and some of the scenes reminded me of scenes from Anne of Green Gables.

So did you move because you bought a home or found a better rental. I'm so excited for you and your very own master bath!

Britt said...

The home looks lovely! 2 garbage cans is a luxury. :) And I love Rocky but watch out if you ever plant a garder!