Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Something YOU Can Do...

(Click on the picture to read the small print. You REALLY should read the small print)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Radical Change in Our Society - It's Coming

Have you read this? You really should.

And then you might need to read this again. Especially the second to last paragraph.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mountain Standard Time Meets Eastern Time

What a wonderful, busy week with the Nelsons! Little amounts of sleep, lots of miles logged on cars and feet, and the occasional rain-drenched afternoon - but what an afternoon!

Happy to have those quick moments of romance.

And some quiet time where we adults could visit without interuptions.

Worked to keep excitement levels in check (i.e. try to keep My Big Guy in the motorcycle seat and not above it) at the ESPN zone in Times Square.

And we loved the food festival.

We miss you already...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Thoughts on the Twilight Series

I find it disturbingly odd that amidst a society with increasing fuel prices, food shortages and inexperienced leaders, the Haitian government taking advantage of desperate parents seeking adoptions, nightmare abuse stories from Austria, and heartless, power-hungry generals in Myanmar withholding food from thousands of victims of a cyclone, yet I'm here today to write my impressions of a teenage girl and the vampire she's in love with.

Can you spell ESCAPISM??

You have to admit - the covers are pretty inviting. Simple, basic, and dramatic. Kudos on the marketing people here.

But on to the real stuff. I thought the opening line was pretty catchy - "My mother drove me to the airport with the windows rolled down." - definitely not Olive Ann Burns quality or Betty Smith - but it had promise. Unfortunately that promise started to falter about 3/4 through the book. The more I read, the more I couldn't stand Bella. Too dependent, too clingy, too "Edward stay with me 24 hours a day" type of girl. And though she shows a caring, selfless side to her character, her whole attitude towards gifts and material displays of affection towards herself almost become mean-spirited and discredits any pervious affable traits.

The love triangle starts to burden the plot in book #3 when Meyer has Bella going back and forth between La Push and Forks (between Jacob and Edward) 3-4 times before the story line starts to move forward. And by the time it resolves itself, I'm so disgusted with how Bella has strung along Jacob while staying with Edward I find myself not really caring who dies and who ends up with Bella in the end (though really I'm still rooting for Edward).

However, the ultimate example of Bella's lack of self-esteem and bad judgement (granted, she is in high school) is when Edward returns in the end of book #2 - confessing to Bella that he lied and has been miserable without her - that she is his 'new moon' (hence the title) and he cannot live without her. Without hearing a shred of dialogue from Bella in return Edward then goes on to berate her for believing him in the first place and question her love for him when she so readily accepted his lie. None of this seems to sink in for Bella who immediately forgives Edward and rushes into his open arms.

My favorite story about these novels comes from my good friend Staci - who tells me her book club in St. George actually holds up the Twilight series as a model of comparison to their current book of discussion. Wow - what I would give to see these womens book shelves - or lack there of.

Not to put down Meyer - I do intend to read the final book #4 in August. Although at this point, I'm wanting to read it more for the action of the vampire battles than to figure out what happens with Bella.

And, yes, I am really excited to see what MTV productions does with the movie next summer.

And now back to Drudge, Reuters, and worries about life in general. Thanks to Meyer for a brief break :)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Remembering Grandma Hoopes

It was around this time last year that my sweet Grandmother passed away. She was simply one of the most beautiful people I have ever known. I think of her often - wishing I could tell her about my children and all the experiences we are having out here. I'd love to pick up the phone and hear her voice again - reminding me to take care of my husband or telling me about the latest Shakespeare sonnet she has just re-read, or the Conference talk that was just replayed on KBYU and has moved her to tears.

I love this picture of Grandpa & Grandma with Spencer and me. I wish the scan could have picked up all the natural light - I love the light falling on their faces. Love the joy.

I love remembering how much she loved all her grandchildren. It was a wonderful time when you went to lunch or dinner with Grandma. Always excellent conversation and good company.

One of my favorite parts about Grandma was how I felt when I was with her. My father paraphrased it well - one comes away from a visit with Grandma believing a great conversation has passed, when in fact the entire time was spent by the guest talking about herself/himself.

She was lovely, generous, full of warmth and "perfect" in my eyes and I miss her.