Friday, March 21, 2008


I took my kids to the current exhibit Robotics at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich. Not only did the exhibit include a bigger-than-life size Optimus Prime (I could totally see Boyd and Shayne standing before him in awe thinking, "Oh great one! Tell me who to smite and they shall be smoten!") they also had 2 robots from the original Star Wars. These were the actual robot-puppets they used when Threepio and R2D2 were taken captive on Tatooine.

Anyway - the boys haven't stopped talking of it since. And thanks to the concept of bulk/mega ton diaper boxes, we had a ball!

Caught on film! The tenacious moments before My Sweetie figures out his older brother is quietly slipping the marker out of his hands.

Finished product!

My Big Guy walks around the house all day chanting mechanical phrases and technical demands. On the other hand, all Sweetie can manage to say is, "Robot, Robot....Robot, Robot".


Natalie said...

That Robotics exhibit looks like every young boy's dream exhibit! Love the picture of big brother taking the marker away. Very sly.

Jake said...

I love your cute little robots. We went to that exhibit as well, and Tate was a HUGE fan!

Britt said...

How fun! How cute! I wish there were things to do around here like that. Your boys make great robots! :)

KMDuff said...

So awesome! :) Cute robots!

Esther said...

This was a great series of photos. I love seeing the end product.