Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pinewood Derby


1st place - "Speedy Orange" for my Big Guy

But here's what really happened behind the scenes....

Why are you hiding behind the chairs? No your car is fine, I’ll make it fast. No, I don’t have any more wheels. No, I’m not making you another. No, you can’t put a soda can on it. Yes, I know they did, but they don’t understand physics. No, yours will be fast. No, dang, Big Guy, quit throwing your car! Sweetie – put down the soda. No, no more cookies. Big Guy, put down the graphite. Big Guy no, those are his wheels, leave them there – you only have 3 wheels, you broke your others. No, I’m not making another car. Big Guy, no, your’s will be fast, just wait.
A rare shot of the chaos!

Words of Wisdom from 'Greg the Builder'

Paint the car really good colors, like “fast red” or “speedy orange”. Avoid colors like “slow purple” or “sluggish black”. They don’t do too well.

Drill into your hand at least once.

Make sure the axles are as follows:
.5 degree camber on the rear right wheel
23.1 degree camber on the rear left wheel
1.3 degree camber on the front right wheel

No wheel on the front left

Make sure you don’t just *not* put a wheel on, but put on a wheel, shatter it by throwing or pushing on the car too hard at least three times, then leave it vacant

Use plenty of graphite on the axles, with a little Fresca and frosting mixed in

“Test drive” the car on a wooden floor, pushing down on it with exactly 23.1 pounds of downforce. You can use this time to create the right camber of the axles, as well as “flat-tiring” the front left wheel.

Use a rubber-band with “Asparagus” imprinted on it to secure a Benchmade 520 Presidio pocketknife to the top for added weight.

2nd place - "Fast Red" for My Sweetie - a rare shot before all the wheels were lost


Hillary said...

I love it! That was a fun Pinewood Derby, glad the trophy went to the most involved and interesting car.

Kelly said...

Are those remote controls taped to the cars? ha ha ha !

I love it. Looks like a good time at the pinewood derby!

The Parkers said...

I love the strategy. We all know those broccoli rubber bands aren't nearly as fast.

Kristen and Shawn said...

so fun. He looks proud.

Britt said...

Thanks for the tips on making a pinewood derby car. We'll need them in a year or two. I'll make sure we attatch a great knife, lose a wheel and use some frosting!

Glad you guys had a fun time!

Erin said...

Is Greg in scouts then? That's fun to make them for the kids. I bet they enjoyed the project. Ours is in May...any good suggestions?

Chad and Sara said...

Go James! I guess I'll give Greg so credit for helping him make it..HE HE!

Natalie said...

Congrats on the big win! Loved your description of what really happened behind the scenes.

KMDuff said...

how much fun. :)

Staci Carroll said...

Love this post. I can't add any more to what everyone else has already said. The only thing is . . . didn't you once get frustrated with the kids? I mean, yeah, when you put it that way it's sure cute but I would be sort of pulling my hair out trying to deal with that. C'mon, make me feel better about myself.

Brooke said...

That picture of James is priceless. Love it!

Esther said...

I loved the "behind the scenes" look at what was going on with your son. LOL. Congrats on winning. John and his dad won when he was a kid. He's still go the car somewhere ... no pocketknife rubberbanded to the top though, ha-ha.