Monday, March 31, 2008

A Female Jim Halpert

This post is really about 'WHATS IN MY PURSE' - Thanks Amber for the cute idea!

I have a hard time with purses. I'm just not into the various colors, patterns, styles - I think something went wrong with my genetic make-up because my mother and her mother, and her mother's mother had hundreds and hundreds of purses. Me? I think I have 3 purses - and I hardly ever use them.

This is what I use....

It's a Wenger, over-the-shoulder pack. And I've been using it as 'my purse' for almost 5 years now. Honestly, at this time in my life I cant afford to waste one of my hands holding a purse - because I have 2 - and soon 3 - little sets of hands that need mine to cross the street, pick them up, take away sticky things....etc etc.

The down side to carrying a pack instead of a purse? Sometimes I think people get the impression I'm a college junkie. And foremost - I think it makes me look like a female Jim Halpert.

See what I mean??

So here's what's inside.

1 wallet - It's usually so stuffed with coins, family passes to museums and aquariums, health cards for 3 kids plus me, etc. - I can barely close the snap.

1 cell phone

2 pens

3 glass cases - I have to point out here that all 3 are empty. I dont know why I carry them around. All my glasses are in the car where I really need them.

3 bottles of lotion - Ridiculous! But if they stay in my bathroom or my room, somehow I'll never use them.

3 bottles of anti-bactierial stuff - Yes - I'm paranoid.

1 sleeping mask - why?? I don't know how that got in there.

1 bottle of body spray - I think I got this for free at the BYU Health Center. I keep it in there because it amazes the kids when we're waiting in line.

1 grocery shopping list

1 container of floss (sister-in-law helps keep me motivated to take care of my teeth :))

Stay tuned - this coming summer I'll probably have a change of clothes for My Sweetie packed in my bag. We're getting ready for potty training! :(


leadatortilla said...

That was fun to read about your "purse" - and why aren't there diapers or wipes in there?? Are you carrying around 2 bags!?!? My purse is the diaper bag...luckily I was given a "pretty" one - I never would have bought one for myself! Someday we'll think back to the "diaper days" and wonder how they disappeared so fast... yet we will NEVER miss them.

Hillary said...

Hey, I love the bag! It's more practical than a purse. I didn't even have 1 purse until about 2 months ago, now I have one. Who has room to carry a purse around when you need a diaper bag?

I like that you have a sleeping mask in there, I bet you'd like to use that a lot. Hang on to it, who knows, maybe one day you'll be lucky enough to use it.

Erin said...

I'm happy to inspire you. :)

The Tarin's said...

Ha, Rach you cracked me up! Especially with that sleeping mask. It is amazing what we find in our purses when we really sit down and look.

Britt said...

I don't like purses either. I really don't like diaper bags. I combine them into one and then my trouble is finding a bag that's big enough (but not too big) with pockets, a divider and zipper. It just doesn't exist. Then if I do find it, it's over $50 and my limit is far less than that. Oh well.

Love the sleeping mask and relation to Jim Halpert!

Jessica Brown said...

Awesome! I'm the exact same way. I hate purses. I'm going to have to look into one of those bags for myself! And I gotta say, the insides of your purse look really great, if i dumped out the insides of one of my purses it would be a lot of crumbs and fruit snack wrappers.

Staci said...

Well, I have to stand up for the almighty purse. I too have no money so am limited by that but I still love them. All different sizes, textures and purposes. Also, when you are too fat for cool clothes, you can always carry a cool bag! (Oh, maybe that only happens to me.)

So where are the five million different receipts from every little thing? They seriously drive me crazy.

BTW-I don't carry diapers in my bag either. 99% of the time I leave them in the car. There's a perfect little compartment for them. If I am going into somewhere where I think I might need one, I shove one into my bag. I've been doing that for ages.

Are you really potty training this summer? Alisa is way younger than Lizzie and I haven't even thought of it. I really need to get going.

Chad and Sara said...

I think the bottle of anti-bacterial gel is a must for anyone. The sleeping mask is so funny! Good luck w/ the potty training.

The Parkers said...

It's so clean! I have more junk in mine than an airport carry-on. Laura calls it my Mary Poppins bag.

McKay Missy and Boys said...

I like purses but I hate spending money on them.

I love that you have a sleeping mask in your purse. At first glance I thought my eyese were mistaking me until I read that it really was a sleeping mask.

Brooke said...

So I must say that this post made me miss The Office all over again. It's been too long! I think it's a new episode next week!

Natalie said...

Rae, you are so funny. A sleeping mask? I didn't see that one coming! Especially since as a mother of young kids, sleep is pretty much not happening.

Esther said...


I totally remember when you bought that purse and started using it. Remember, we had (have?) similar bag styles and the same watch. I'm still using the same bag and watch, although I occasionally switch them out (not often).