Monday, February 18, 2008

The Work and The Glory

Have you read these books?

(PS - these aren't mine - do you think with 1500 sq feet of living space and 3 babies I'd have room to own all 9 volumes?)

I went through the entire 9 book series while I was pregnant with My Sweetie. I thought books 1-4 - maybe even 5 - were pretty good. After that it started to get really slow. The research notes at the end of each chapter were the highlights for me. If I ever have another boy - and I can convince Greg - my 3rd son will be named Joseph or Brigham.

Greg recently bought the DVD set for me - so I'm reminded how much I love these films. Love the history, the character of a young Brigham Young, and I still think it's the best Joseph Smith ever cast - including the official church film (sorry Spencer). The trailer is posted below. Check out mid-way through the quick shot of Joseph on his horse - that was one of my favorite moments of the film - Joseph's take down of Gov. Boggs during Camp Zion.


Natalie said...

Yes, I've read them, and I really loved them! I agree - I thought the 9th volume was especially slow. I need to read them again.

I also enjoyed the movies. I heard they were only going to make three. Too bad - they were so well done.

Chad and Sara said...

When we lived in Florida the 1st movie came out. It was only playing in 1 theater and was far away. We saw it 3 times and own the all 3 movies. We really enjoy them.

Britt said...

I've read the books as well. I started reading when book 3 came out. I think up through 6 or 7 they stay interesting. The beginning was slow and I never finished 9 because it was so slow. I liked the movies and thought they did a good job. I'm a little sad they aren't finishing them and I also liked Joseph and most of the cast. All in all it was a pretty good book series that helped me with my pioneer history timeline.

The Tarin's said...

I loved these books, in fact I have read the whole series twice. Have you ever read Fire of the Covenant? That is another favorite of mine.

KMDuff said...

I read them all as a teenager. They were great. :) Then Gerald Lund was in my stake presidency at one point in Provo! That was fun. :)