Monday, February 4, 2008

Political Thoughts from Greg

I’ve always said I would rather vote for a trained monkey with an “R” next to their name than a Democrat, and it seems we are now in that situation. I just might have to take back my words.

Let me clarify, and to do so, let’s examine some parenting theory:

If you are in the supermarket and your child is behaving, well, very very badly, should you give in just to make a bad immediate outcome just a little less bad? Or should you stand strong, endure the situation for a while, with the belief that next time the little one may not act up in the same horrible way?

I am the type that believes in the latter. If you give in and take the garbage that the kid is dishing out, he’ll continue to dish out the same garbage year after year. Instead, send a clear message that the behavior is unacceptable and live with complete tumult for a short while, but with a positive long-term outcome.

The same goes for politics. The Republican Party has delivered (mostly thanks to the “independent” voters) complete crap to us. McCain will most likely be the nominee. So, what do we do? Do we give in and take him over the Democrat? Or do we send a clear message to the party that we aren’t going to stand for this anymore? So what if the Democrats win? What would happen then? Is it worth 4 years of inconvenience in order to get an acceptable outcome in the future? I think so.


Britt said...

You would really rather have Hillary or Obama than a republican candidate? I don't really like any of the candidates. They are all trained monkeys to me. But I have to agree I would take the latter situation in a grocery store. A better long-term outcome is better than the short-term fix.

Kelly said...

Interesting....I think I agree with you, and I'm sure Jared does.

The Tarin's said...

Ha, I love it. Aaron says we are moving to Mexico if Hillary wins. But really, the other is not that much better!

Chad and Sara said...

I am voting for Mitt and if he doesn't get the republican nominee then I hope that Obama will be the democratic nominee. There is no way I will ever vote for Mccain(McPain) or Huckabee or Hillary so my vote goes to Mitt 1st or Obama.

Natalie aka Moody Blogger said...

Good grocery store analogy. When one puts things in terms involving kids, my brain comes alive :)

Bill said...
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Rachael said...

Its not Mexicans, Democrats, or Women that Conservatives have a problem with. It is Mexican, Democrat (redundant to the sentence), or Women SOCIALISTS that we have a problem with (well, ANY socialists really).

Who in their right mind wants our health system to be run by the same people that run our DMV’s?