Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Holiday Weekend in Vermont

Back in Vermont again for President's Day weekend.


I dont know how my in-laws survive up there during the winter. I kept thinking about Jack London's To Build A Fire. (Greg kept thinking of The Shining - two totally different views of survival) Anyway, my whole life I've been skeptical towards his main character. I'm always thinking - just get the glove back on! Can't be that hard - just move your fingers, pick up the glove, wiggle inside. Sure it's cold - but it can never be that cold. Last weekend I changed my mind.

(do you think we own enough BYU paraphernalia yet?)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Successful Marketing

Those who know me understand my appreciation for good marketing and creative strategies to build brand equity. But I'm still blown away by how much my kids absorb. We had to run to Staples last night for some errands. We pull into the parking lot and My Big Guy announces.

Big Guy - "This is the store that has the Easy Button!"

Us - "The what?"

Big Guy - "The Easy Button. That was easy!"

Now I'm an excellent watch dog when it comes to TV viewing, so I know he's probably only seen this ad 1 or 2 times - esp since Noggin in our channel of choice these days. So the fact that it sunk in so quickly...what else is going on in my son's head???

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Work and The Glory

Have you read these books?

(PS - these aren't mine - do you think with 1500 sq feet of living space and 3 babies I'd have room to own all 9 volumes?)

I went through the entire 9 book series while I was pregnant with My Sweetie. I thought books 1-4 - maybe even 5 - were pretty good. After that it started to get really slow. The research notes at the end of each chapter were the highlights for me. If I ever have another boy - and I can convince Greg - my 3rd son will be named Joseph or Brigham.

Greg recently bought the DVD set for me - so I'm reminded how much I love these films. Love the history, the character of a young Brigham Young, and I still think it's the best Joseph Smith ever cast - including the official church film (sorry Spencer). The trailer is posted below. Check out mid-way through the quick shot of Joseph on his horse - that was one of my favorite moments of the film - Joseph's take down of Gov. Boggs during Camp Zion.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Sweet Husband

My wonderful husband has a knack for picking out the perfect gift for special occasions. Sometimes he spends a lot - but most times it's pretty minimal - and it just makes me incredibly happy. It all started Freshman year at BYU when he bought me the softest wool socks for my birthday. It's a long story and it might sound really pathetic to those who don't know us - but those out there who do - you'll know where we're coming from.

My Cute Husband

This Valentines Day was no exception. Knowing I've been trying hard to lose baby #3 weight, he surprised me with a carton full of delicious strawberries and decadent dipping chocolate. It was like enjoying my diet without the guilt. Probably doesn't make a lot of sense... but I LOVED it!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Subliminal Cheating??

I'm trying to be healthy - I'm trying to lose the Pretty Girl's baby weight. But in my quest for slim-perfection, did I add just a touch too many M&M's to my homemade granola mix?

You be the judge...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Gold Coast Housing

Here's a house back home that costs $ and looks like this -

Now here's a house on the Gold Coast that costs $$$$ and looks like this -

Did you count those $ signs? Exactly - the house above is 4x as much as the one at home. And did I mention it's rare to find a house with AC? And don't get me started about sq footage. So one day...maybe Greg and I could buy the white picket fence out front...or those delightful colored green shutters. That will always be the dream...

Didn't someone famous say something about how it doesn't matter where you live - home is where your family lives? It's a dang good thing because if Gold Coast housing represented my feelings for family, we'd all be drenched in mold, crumbling away in cramped corners with single panned windows exposed to the ravages of humidity in July.

PS - Come stay with us soon! Mid-summer is a lovely time to stop by.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Political Thoughts from Greg

I’ve always said I would rather vote for a trained monkey with an “R” next to their name than a Democrat, and it seems we are now in that situation. I just might have to take back my words.

Let me clarify, and to do so, let’s examine some parenting theory:

If you are in the supermarket and your child is behaving, well, very very badly, should you give in just to make a bad immediate outcome just a little less bad? Or should you stand strong, endure the situation for a while, with the belief that next time the little one may not act up in the same horrible way?

I am the type that believes in the latter. If you give in and take the garbage that the kid is dishing out, he’ll continue to dish out the same garbage year after year. Instead, send a clear message that the behavior is unacceptable and live with complete tumult for a short while, but with a positive long-term outcome.

The same goes for politics. The Republican Party has delivered (mostly thanks to the “independent” voters) complete crap to us. McCain will most likely be the nominee. So, what do we do? Do we give in and take him over the Democrat? Or do we send a clear message to the party that we aren’t going to stand for this anymore? So what if the Democrats win? What would happen then? Is it worth 4 years of inconvenience in order to get an acceptable outcome in the future? I think so.