Sunday, December 23, 2007

SuperFriends Come Together!

We got home this evening from VT to find in our mail Boyd and Kandi's Christmas gift. This is quite possibly the coolest gift I have ever received.

Can you guess which one is Greg?

This season marks about 8 years since we met Shayne and Lea - who introduced us to Jen and Amos and subsequently, Kandi and Boyd. Time flies. Thanks again for the magnet - It made our week! Love it!

PS - The term, "Superfriends" is an age-old Simpsons cliche - somewhere lost between seasons 5-8?? Not sure. I stopped buying the collections after season 6.

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Britt said...

The 'Y' shirt is a dead give away- it seems to cry out and say "don't hate me, love me!" or "look at me, here I am!" Greg will always be a true blue BYU fan- yes I have repented of my sins and have rejoined the flock. Rachael, I'm concerned about your Simpson's transformation- you look upset at something- maybe it's the joy/love/attempts and joy and love from the previous blogs with James, Andrew and Lizzie! I miss you guys- if this doesn't make sense- I will sum it up with two simple words, "Duff Beer."
Seriously, that picture is the coolest- and it makes me miss the older more creative and original, less left wing liberal politically incorrect, classic SImpsons! I think I might put on season two or three and watch Homer go to the post office and pretend to be Mr. Burns- "Alright, Mr. Burns, what is your first name?" Long pause . . . " Um . . . I don't know." Next scene- "Great plan Bart!"

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas- I love and miss you all. BTW- this is Spencer, not Brittany