Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas 2007

Here are a few highlights of our Christmas season. This was our first Christmas celebration away from major family and it didn't really sink in until the evening of Christmas day - then it seemed like the house was too quiet - imagine! Here are some quick facts -

Favorite Gift to the Boys - Train table/set
Favorite Gift from Greg - Casino Royale DVD
Favorite Gift to Greg - The Office Season 3 DVD
Christmas Dinner Menu - BBQ pulled pork chops, garlic/seasoned potatoes, veggies, Martinellis, and brownies with ice cream

How Late We Stayed Up Christmas Eve - 1:00 am
What My Kids Gave Me - Silver heart (3) necklace charm

Happy Christmas Eve and the kids first presents - flashlights!! Christmas was 4 days ago, and already we've had to change the batteries in both lights.

E with her froggie animal from Greg's parents

A big THANK YOU to my mom and dad for the cute jammies they sent us. Also LOVED the clothes for the kids. Miss you!

And finally - Le creme de le creme - the FROGGY BOOTS!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

SuperFriends Come Together!

We got home this evening from VT to find in our mail Boyd and Kandi's Christmas gift. This is quite possibly the coolest gift I have ever received.

Can you guess which one is Greg?

This season marks about 8 years since we met Shayne and Lea - who introduced us to Jen and Amos and subsequently, Kandi and Boyd. Time flies. Thanks again for the magnet - It made our week! Love it!

PS - The term, "Superfriends" is an age-old Simpsons cliche - somewhere lost between seasons 5-8?? Not sure. I stopped buying the collections after season 6.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Our Attempt to Showcase Perfect Children

Christmas around our house means new jammies. This year was a treat for us - I bought these back in July and I've been waiting, sneaking them away in our cellar until just the right moment.

Isn't it funny how you take photographs, trying to display to the world your idealized family? Where love, joy and peace are always present? Nobody seeing the final photograph would think anything wanting. My bet is they never see the shots that dont make the final cut.

So here you go - our best pictures and a few that didn't quite make it. It's also the quickest visual explanation of how things can change so quickly in our house...

Here's the LOVE

Here's the JOY

Here's A hitting E

And here's the end

Sunday, December 9, 2007

My Latest Confession

This was inspired by Natalie's cute posting here. Here's my twist on the same idea...yet completely different.

I Am In Love With





The Truth About Roo

My son is obsessed with dogs. Talks constantly of wanting one, goes nuts when he sees them, sleeps with 4-5 stuffed ones, and (when possible) insists on wearing them.

Surprisingly, Greg - mucho dog fan of the world - has had no influence over this obsession - though he's thrilled beyond belief with his son's natural inclinations. Can this be genetics showing their true color? Gosh, I hope not. I need all the help I can get putting off a dog for at least another 5 years...