Thursday, November 15, 2007

That's great Big Guy...uh...what is it?

Today Big Guy brought home 'the big project' he's been working on for weeks at school. He was pretty excited - it has feathers, blocks, a dead leaf, an acorn. I asked him what it was and so far I've received numerous answers -

"It's a smokestack mom"

"A turkey. See the feathers"

"No mom, it's for my collection. That's a good leaf."

"It's for the table"

The mysterious object in question

The other piece of artwork he brought home was his big Thanksgiving poster to show what he's thankful for. Mom? Dad? Sweetie? Pretty Girl? Family? Friends?

no. jellyfish.


Jessica Brown said...

Ha Ha! That's hilarious! James is just more creative and imaginative than the rest of us Rae. He really knows how to think outside the box.

Jessica Brown said...

Alright Rae, I'm cracking up. I just noticed that you have the Brown family recipe blog as one of your links, but not my blog! Was that a mistake, or do you just use me for my food. :) If you want an attachment to my link it is

McKay Missy and Boys said...

Don't you sometimes wonder where kids come up with their ideas? Has James ever seen a jellyfish?

Carter will often make a project then have me guess what it is. This isn't the easiest game in the world.

Britt said...

It makes me feel so much better to know that I'm not the only one who has a child who expresses thanks for something completely random. Bradley is thankful for ninja turtles and fish. Bradley also enjoys seeing James "on the computer". We love you guys.

leadatortilla said...

Hee hee hee hee hee - thanks for the laugh tonight!

KMDuff said...

Awesome. Totally rocks. :) Stuff to save for the ages. :)

Moody Blogger said...

Great post. He and my James would be great friends.

Staci Carroll said...

Nicolas has been thankful for his "new house" over and over. I'm beginning to think that maybe the whole 'moving between three houses' traumatized him.