Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fumbling Through Exhaustion

What's the hardest part of having 3 kids??

When one child gets sick, they all get sick!

Don't worry - all the handwashing and hand sanitizers wont save you - although you may think you're trying your best.

What's the second hardest part of having 3 kids??

I use to survive on 5-6 hours of sleep with 2. Now I do much, much less. And with less sleep, things like the following just inevitably happen...

So this post is dedicated to the extremely talented woman and lyrics that understand my pain -

Shawn Colvin

Another Long One

If losing sleep were any indication
Of the loving that I've missed
I would wrap myself around you
But how likely can that be when I feel like this
And if life were not unfortunate
And reason blew like summer through the trees
I would stop to let you catch me
But I think that you would find me on my knees

And it's gonna be another long one tonight
It's just me and my well-intentioned spite
I said someone did this to me
But no one did, there's no injustices
I just can't afford to be right no more
I bought myself another bad dream tonight
With these little boys (A&J) in my head sleeping tight
It's gonna be another long one tonight


Moody Blogger said...

Great post! Don't tell anyone, but the third kid put me over the edge. ;)

That song is perfect. And loved the bath tub picture - that's happened here a few times also.

Kelly said...

I love the picture of Andrew in the tub. Classic moment. At least they are cute, so even when you're dragging through exhaustion, you can stay motivated.

McKay Missy and Boys said...

How are you guys doing? I've heard that the 3rd child is quite an adjustment. How do the boys like having a baby sister?

Jessica Brown said...

Dang it Rae! I wish I could be there to help you out! It was so fun seeing you guys in Connecticut! You have such a cute family!

Brooke said...

Rachael, I completely understand! Sickness, exhaustion . . . luckily, life does eventually go back to normal. Just a new type of normal. Three kids is a lot! Great Shawn Colvin song!