Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Our Pretty Girl, the White Dress and a Prophet of God

This past weekend we had the amazing privilege of blessing E up in Sharon, VT at the Joseph Smith Birthplace Monument. By sheer good timing, Greg's parents are currently serving there as mission directors and consequently, we blessed L about 10 feet from the original home of Joseph Smith's family.

Another highlight of the event - E was blessed in a dress my mother sewed for my own blessing 31 years ago.

Thanks to the devoted care of my grandmother, the dress is still in my hands and in superb condition (albeit, just a bit snug on L). Here's a couple pictures of my blessing day - love the one with my grandfathers!

One very proud big brother...

I am thrilled we all got to experience this at the memorial. So amazing! I love knowing that Joseph saw God and Jesus Christ. My favorite apostle - Elder Maxwell - says it best -

What followed Joseph Smith’s prayer in the spring of 1820 irrevocably illuminated our view of God, ourselves, others, life, even the universe! A young boy in a small grove of trees began receiving answers to mankind’s oldest and largest questions! But young Joseph certainly did not go into the Sacred Grove seeking the restoration of the holy priesthood and the holy endowment, the sealing power, and all the keys thereof. He did not even know of their existence! He merely wanted to know which of several churches to join. His prayer was for personal and tactical guidance. The response, however, was of global and eternal significance!

...given all of the foregoing, “what can I say more” except “Praise to the man who communed with Jehovah!”

-Neal A. Maxwell-


Kelly said...

Rae, I loved this post. I loved seeing pictures from the past. Grandpa Hoopes just looks so delighted to be holding you. Did you know I was also blessed in your dress? My mom borrowed it. I'm a little resentful, seeing as I didn't have a beautiful gown to pass on to my own daughters. But, I'm sure the dress couldn't be lovelier. I'd love to see it in person. What a twig your mom was! She looks beautiful. And your family is, of course, beautiful as well. Lizzie is very lucky to be a part of it.

Erin said...

I love your first family photo. Your family looks so happy. Wish we could have been at the blessing. Sorry to hear about your basement...what a pain!!

Jessica Brown said...

Rae that is so neat! I loved this post too, it made me want to cry. I miss Grandma Hoopes lately.

davidkmckinnon said...

I can't believe that was your dress! That is so cool! How is it still white? I hope my girls can do that with their daughters one day!