Friday, March 16, 2018

The Paper Challenge

Some evenings when we're all home together and computer time has expired, jammies are on and homework is complete (almost), these kinds of events just materialize... 

Monday, March 12, 2018


#1 - Super Bowl with Grandpa Carver

My dad flew down for a weekend in February.  It was so great to see him!  And in true-typical-dad-Carver fashion, he planted more bushes.  MORE.  There is no end to the planting of bushes when it comes to my dad.  He has a tremendous love of horticulture, knows all the best nurseries in the area, usually buys way more than he can handle.  I was just grateful to be there to help plant and carry the load.  

It's been hard to watch my dad's health slowly decline.  He can't lift anything over 10 pounds - and yet that does NOT stop him.  So while my kids (especially my two oldest sons) dug dozens of pits, lifted heavy buckets, moved soil, etc. my full-time job was keeping an eye on my dad and constantly stopping him from doing more than he could handle.  

I've realized - for better or worse - that my father will not go gentle into that good night.  And I'm so glad.  I'm relieved.  I'd rather have him keep fighting and stay with us longer.  But the difficulty comes when he pushes too hard and too long.     

We celebrated the massive planting work by visiting the SD Museum of Art and watching the Super Bowl the next day with BBQ.  

We miss him already!

#2 - Valentines Day

The highlight of Valentines Day this year was the Valentines Day Quiz we did after dinner - squeezed in between scouts and study hall.  Some nights we're too busy.  Anyway, we loved the answers and spent a very happy evening laughing together about our beginnings.  After all, it's important to know where you come from before you can set your face to where you want to go.  

My favorite love story!    

#3 - Residents and Visitors

This month we got a surprise visit from our Idaho friends, the Johnson family.  It was wonderful to see them!  But our kids were devastated that the Johnson children were not included in the visit.  But we have great hopes a repeat trip with kids will shortly materialize.  We took Beth and Shay to the Gaslamp District for dinner - check out the cheesy postcard below.  

And finally - after 10 years - my favorite cousin and I are living in the same state!!  And even better, we live in neighboring towns.  Like 15 minutes apart.  My Aunt Kath mentioned that maybe Grandma Hoopes might have been involved in this whole process of transplanting families.  I think she's right. 

Either way - welcome Davis family to San Diego!!   

#4 - Scooters in Balboa

On the advice from a friend (and against official Balboa Park policy), I took the kids with all our scooters, skateboards and hoverboards to Balboa Park.  And except for the cold wind, it was probably one of the best times I've ever been there.  Seriously.  I can't wait to do this again.  And next time we'll bring Dad

We got several laughs and smiles from visitors when they saw 4 of us pushing valiantly on the uphill sections while Andrew sailed effortlessly and smugly on his hoverboard.  We got our revenge when the hoverboard batteries died 500 yards from the car.    

#5 - More Hiking...

This past month we discovered several beach hikes.  They've been so much fun we've actually traded in our bikes for hiking shoes lately.  It's especially thrilling if you hike at high tide and race to skirt the beach corners before the waves get you.  Fun for date nights too.  We're loving it!

#6 - Bubbs' School Program

Bubbs had his 1st grade music program on Valentines Day.  I think he was secretly relieved he was matched to dance with his good friend Rigvid as opposed to a girl.  He's been practicing these songs for months, quietly singing them in another room so we couldn't hear him and spoil the surprise.      

#7 - More Sea World

In the middle of winter break, we took the Spurgiesz family to Sea World with some of our extra passes.  The best part was the water rapids ride - especially because it was cold that day and everyone was soaking by the end.   

#8 - Everything Else...

**Bubbs discovered Souplantation with a little buddy.  Think Chuck A Rama but more healthy.  He's an absolute fan now.  And when he finally convinced us all to go, he played the expert tour guide.   

**This is the first, of what will be MANY, pink garments in James' closet.  He is very much inspired by his cousin-in-law, Nigel.  He even wants to do pink highlights in his hair.  And find a pink tie.  

**My current kitchen view.  I am grateful for each one of my kitchen views throughout the years.  They have all brought me a measure of serenity and a return to the quiet promptings inside me that whisper, "Be still and know that I am God."